Emission 181

Observers – Symbols slogans lies
Cascarrabias – El despertar
Rata Negra – Corasones
The all brights – Hell on a surfboard
Descendents – Good Good Things
Good Good Things – Wake up kid!
The Dishrags – Love is shit (it’s goodbye)
Gasmask Terror – Diktat
Warning/Warning – Noise in mind
No – Revert
Destruction Unit – Salvation
Diät – Toonie
Modern Delusion – Cynical
Royal headache – High
Mrs. Magician – There’s no god
Tenement – Feral Cat Tribe
Laika’s orbit – No matter what it takes
Kaupungin Valot - Astraaliprojektio

Emission 180

Shannon and the clams – Point of being right

Good Throb – You ain’t never
Frau – Punk is my boyfriend

Rotten Mind – I don’t want to be the one
The vicious – Illusions

Bed Wettin’ bad boys – any day now
No-sè – Ain’t that someshit

Syndrome 81 – Contre vents et marées
Gasmask Terror – Chape de plomb

Leatherface – Not a day goes by
Chesnut Road – 7 AM

Teenage Bottle Rocket – Todayo
Ash - Kung fu

Mr.T Experience – Love American Style
Cheap Girls – Pure Hate

Heavy Hearts – Summer Letter
Drug Church – Aleister

Visiting Nurse – Back to Zero Again
Pines – Maybe if you get a tattoo you’ll remember it

Frank Turner – Reasons not to be an idiot

Emission 179

Cold heart Days - Intro + The West
Protomartyr - The Devil in his Youth
The Bad Doctors - The School of Athens
Steel Chains - Couldn't stay
The Stops - Moom
Litige - Paranoïa
Kick it ! - Fuck Love
Black Gust - Shit Outa Luck
Night Birds - Mutiny at Muscle Beach
Heavy Times - I'm single
Misfits - Attitude
Rat Columns - Do you remember real pain?
Westkust - Swirl
All Dogs - Sunday Morning 
Shannon and the Clams - How Long
Des Ark - Snake Stuff

Emission 178

Royal Headache – Carolina
Dogs on acid – Flushed
Like Wires – Hierophants
Reatards – No one stands me
Jay Reatard- Let it all go
Red Dons – Pyrrhic Pyrrhic
Radioactivity – Stripped away
Vexx - Flattened Scene
War on Women - Second wave goodbye
Girlpool – Crowded Stranger
Potty Mouth – Long Haul
Teledrome – Boyfriend
Communion – Out of my world
Dogs on acid – 9 times

Emission 177

Pavement – Date With Ikea
Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin
Kevin Morby – The dead they don’t come back
Jay Reatard – Night of broken glass
Anti- Corpos – Despertar
Tiger Jaw – Slow Come On
High Dive - The Letting Down I've Done
Canine – Let’s dance (Kill The Alpha)
Chaviré – La commune
The helltons - Intoxicated brain
Sweatshop Boys – Special Mood
Self Defense family – Everyone want a prize for feeling
Grand Détour – La pénibilité et la crasse

Emission 176

THE BEAT - Rock N Roll Girl
THE NERVES - Hanging On The Telephone
SUPERCRUSH - I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore
JACK LEE - Good Times
THE HEX DISPENSERS - I Hope The Sun Explodes Today
TENEMENT - Feral Cat Tribe
AJAX - Paper & Steel
RIXE - Infatigables
G.L.O.S.S. - G.L.O.S.S. (We're From The Future)
 THE SPLITS - Melody
PERVERS & TRUANDS - Paluel Über Alles

Emission 175

Ceremony – The Separation
Try the pie – every week
Waxahatchee – Under a rock
Dark Times – Be Cool
Sheermag – Fan The Flames
Bully – I remember
Screaming Females – Burning Car
Courney Barnett – Dead Fox
Milk Teeth – Vitamins
Drug Church – Zero Zero
Nada surf – whose authority
The Decemberists – The Wrong Year
Nana Grizol – circles ‘round the moon

Emission 174

Guests : Tony & Rémy
The Offsprings - The kids aren't alright
Blink 182 – What’s my age again
Descendents - I Don't Want to Grow Up
Adolescents - I Hate Children / Kids Of The Black Hole
The Ramones - Rock 'n' roll high school
The Misfits - Teenagers from mars
Beach Slang - Kids
Fountains of Wayne - Too Cool For School
Bad Religion – Wrongway kids
The Bomb - The Kids (live)
Social Circkle - problem child
No Hope For The Kids - No Hope For The Kids
Abject Object - Stupid Kid
Lexomyl - Rien à foutre d'être un gosse
The Replacements – Kids don’t follow
For Science – School Boy
NOFX - Fuck The Kids (revisited)
Tigers Jaw – Nervous Kids